Ashley Madison Review – Is It Good for Sugar Dating?

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a unique dating site that developed a huge following as of now. It’s an amazing place for individuals with similar interests who are looking to have a discreet relationship. No wonder, Ashley Madison has indeed become a household name.

When you discuss certain things such as sneaking, creeping, and cheating around on your spouse, this sugar baby website comes to your mind. So, how good is this affair dating website? This Ashley Madison review covers almost everything that you need to know.

What is Ashley Madison?

Typically, Ashley Madison is a popular online dating website that goes way beyond traditional dating sites. Ashely Madison caters to the needs of couples or even married people who want to add some spice to their life by having extramarital affairs.

But not everyone on the website is looking for an extramarital affair. There are sugar daddies or sugar babies who look forward to broadening their horizons. Whether you are single or attached, Ashley Madison gives you the right platform to experiment.

Ashley Madison is a perfect place for women who are looking for like-minded people because they can use the app for free and explore its features. Also, it is a great place for men looking to date online. If you are a sugar daddy and looking for discreet dating, nothing can beat Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison Advantages

Below listed are the advantages that you experience when using Ashley Madison. In short, it makes online dating easy for you.

  • This sugar baby website has an active community that has more female users compared to men.
  • It’s fairly easy to find a consistent fling or hook-up. Keep in mind that users are here are a definite reason, not for messing around!
  • The website has an intuitive design and interface. As such, it becomes easy to navigate even if you use social media less.
  • The best part is that the site is anonymous and discreet. You can choose an anonymous profile, discreet payment methods, discreet billing, and discreet access to mobile or desktop apps.
  • The mobile app doesn’t have ads and is free to download.
  • The advanced features include options to send messages and virtual gifts to other members.

Ashley Madison Disadvantages

Surely, Ashley Madison has become a sensation for some time with lots of active users on the website. Still, it has some disadvantages that you should know.

  • Male users have to pay for premium services or buy credits to reply to messages.
  • Ashley Madison has a complicated pricing structure. Users may find it difficult to monitor how much they are spending on subscription charges and credits.
  • Because there are limitations in certain countries, the website doesn’t perform well in terms of international dating.
  • Scammers are everywhere and Ashley Madison is no different. However, you can spot them easily if you know what you want.

How to Create an Account on Ashley Madison

ashley madison members

Creating an account on Ashley Madison is straightforward. Besides, it doesn’t cause you anything. You have to provide basic information such as age, weight, height, marital status, etc. There is no need to provide an email address.

If you are comfortable sharing the information, it will help you get better matches. After that, you can browse profiles while looking around the site. Depending on your preferences you can search for profiles that you are interested in. A male user can send only one message after creating an account.

They need to buy credits to continue the conversation. Additionally, you get the option to upload a picture for your profile. Although it’s your choice if you insist to stay anonymous, uploading some photos to your account will get you better matches. Follow these tips to create an interesting profile on Ashley Madison.

  • Provide additional information alongside the basic ones to get awesome matches.
  • Also, consider adding more information by using hashtags that relate to your interests and preferences.
  • Try to create an impressive heading for your profile because it will draw the attention of other users.

Pricing of Ashley Madison Membership

Signing up for Ashley Madison is completely free and it doesn’t require your credit card information either. The dating site is free for women and men need to buy credits to perform activities on the site. But certain basic features are available for free for men.

To make the experience more satisfying, there are a few types of memberships available. Here is a price breakup of membership plans on Ashley Madison.

  • The Basic Plan gives you 100 credits at $59
  • The Classic Plan gives you 500 credits at $169
  • The Elite Plan gives you 1000 credits at 289

The Elite Plan gives you access to Ashley Madison Premium where you can get the status of “Priority Man” and can chat for 24 hours for free. Your profile gets higher on search results and it becomes easy for interested seekers to connect with you fast.

The Paid Features of Ashley Madison

There are lots of features that you can avail of for free without buying credits. A free member can do anything except send messages. The website offers a few features where you can spend your credits. These are communications tools.

  • Priority highlighted messages – These kinds of messages will appear in the recipient’s inbox. It costs 13 credits.
  • Chat – For a standard message it costs 8 credits.
  • Open collect messages – You need 5 credits to open a message from another user.

You don’t have to spend credits for each sent message after initiating a connection with a user. It means, you have to pay for the first message and if the sugar baby continues to interact, the following messages you will send her are completely free.


Whether you are looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby, Ashley Madison is the right dating website for you. This unique sugar baby website has active users, is discreet, and is a legit network that you need for a perfect extramarital affair. However, the website is a bit expensive for men.

Women can explore the features of the app and use it for free. The platform has new security features and searching for profiles isn’t risky. All you need is cash and credits to establish communication. If you want discreet dating, Ashley Madison is your best bet.

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