How Much To Pay A Sugar Baby

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Sugar dating relationships are different from traditional dating. In a sugar baby-sugar daddy relationship, a wealthy (and maybe older) individual seeks love and companionship by having a relationship with a younger woman. Sugar dating is now quite popular in countries including the UK, the USA, Australia, and European countries. There are many different websites and web platforms where sugar daddies and sugar babies may create their profiles and initiate a relationship.

However, the sugar daddies also give allowances, gifts, and money to the sugar babies as a token of love and appreciation. If you want to be a sugar daddy, you should know the reasonable amount that you should be paying to a sugar baby.

Know More About Sugar Baby Allowance

The amount of money that a sugar daddy may give to a sugar baby as a reward for the relationship is called a sugar baby allowance. Sugar daddies may transfer the money through a wire transfer method or may also pay in cash. Because cash cannot be traced easily, sugar daddies may prefer it. However, the rewards given to sugar babies are not limited to money. They may be rewarded through a gift (and sometimes an expensive luxury item), holiday travel arrangements, and even cryptocurrencies. Allowances and gifts are exchanged usually in cases where the sugar baby and the sugar daddy find a long-term relationship with each other and the sugar baby wants the sugar daddy to pay for bills (including tuition, college bills, and rent among others).

Amount Being Paid to Sugar Babies

The new sugar daddies may often wonder what amount they should be paying to a sugar baby. Surveys reveal that sugar babies may be paid somewhere between $ 1000 and $ 10000 each month. However, the specific amount may depend on the wish of the sugar daddy and their capacity to pay and reward.

Payment Modes for the Sugar Baby-Sugar Daddy Relationship

In most cases, the sugar daddies may pay the sugar babies through the following payment modes.

Pay Per Meeting (PPM)

The sugar babies may be paid for each of the meetings they have with sugar daddies. The mode of payment is especially popular and common for the initial dates of the relationship. However, once the relationship is more stable, other payment modes (like monthly allowance) may be used. The payment given to a sugar baby per month is usually $ 200 to $ 300. The pay-per-meeting sugar dating relationships may have three forms including

  • Platonic: these meetings may be the regular dates and communications without involving any sex. The meetings may include public dates, lunch, and dinner. The allowance may be in the range of $ 200 to $ 500.
  • Standard: apart from everything mentioned in a platonic relationship, a standard sugar dating relationship may also include sexual interactions. The pay-per-meeting allowance may range somewhere between $ 400 and $ 700.
  • Overnight: overnight relationships involve meetings, communications, sexual interactions, and stays with the partner for one or more days. The price that a sugar daddy may have to pay for such meetings may start from $ 800 and may go up to $ 1000.

Monthly Allowance

A sugar daddy may also pay a sugar baby a fixed amount each month (in cash or through bank and wire transfers). The payment is usually made at the start of the month and up until the time the sugar daddy (or the sugar baby) wants to stay in the relationship. In some rare cases, the sugar babies may also be paid each week or biweekly. The monthly allowance for the sugar babies may start somewhere at $ 1000. However, it may go up to any amount as decided by the sugar daddy.

Platonic: in a monthly allowance payment mode, the platonic arrangements may include 3 or 4 meetings during a month, business trips, and vacations. The monthly allowance given to the sugar baby may range between $ 1000 to $ 2000.

Standard: as this relationship may involve everything mentioned in platonic arrangement along with sexual interactions, the payment may start at $ 2000 and go up to $ 8000.

Frequent Dates: this relationship may involve up to 8 meetings every month and fulfillment of even special sexual needs. The payment will range between $ 3000 to $10000.

How to Pay Your Sugar Baby

As stated, there are multiple ways to pay a sugar baby including cash, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, and others. Any payment method should be agreed upon by both the sugar baby and the sugar daddy. The sugar dating couples decide what works best for them. While making the payment, you should take into account the factors and aspects below.

  • Sugar daddies should be choosing the pay-per-meeting method if they are meeting the sugar babies for the first time. The method may also be useful when the sugar daddy is meeting more than one sugar baby.
  • If you have a lasting and stable relationship with your sugar baby and want to keep your ideal sugar relationship for the long term, it is good to pay through a monthly allowance.
  • If you are only looking for a sugar relationship for a week or two, you can talk to the girl and choose a more suitable method of payment (for instance weekly payments).

Factors Affecting Payment

Multiple factors may affect the payment made by sugar daddies to sugar babies. Some of the common factors are listed below.

  • Type of relationship (for instance platonic or overnight).
  • The appearance of a sugar baby.
  • Education level of the sugar baby.
  • Age of the sugar baby.
  • Frequency of meetings and dates.
  • Presence/Absence of sex in the relationship.
  • The net worth of the paying capacity of the sugar daddy.


Many distinct aspects and factors may affect the payments made to sugar babies. While the cost of a single meeting with the sugar baby may start at merely $ 200, the monthly allowances go beyond $ 10000. Sugar daddies who have made profiles on sugar dating web platforms may also have to pay for the subscription and the membership fee. However, beyond a certain point, the payment made to the sugar baby may depend on the paying capacity of the sugar daddy. An agreed-upon payment arrangement can ensure that sugar couples can find love and companionship while also fulfilling each other’s monetary needs.

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