How To Get A Sugar Daddy To Give You Money

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For a new sugar baby on sugar daddy websites, it’s common to feel uncomfortable asking for money or gifts. This article will show you how to communicate your desires to a sugar daddy. Before that, you must sign up with a trustworthy sugar dating site. If you’re unsure which platform to pick, check our list of the topĀ sugar daddy websites.

How to Request Financial Support From a Sugar Daddy?

Discussing money in a traditional relationship may not be enjoyable. Still, in a sugar relationship, it is necessary and normal to ensure mutual understanding between the sugar baby and daddy. We’ll guide you through common scenarios and show you how to effectively communicate your wants to a sugar daddy in each situation.

How to Request Financial Support From a Sugar Daddy Before Meeting in Person?

Maximize the use of your sugar dating site by highlighting your financial needs and expectations in your sugar baby profile. It’s also advisable to discuss the allowance or pay-per-meeting (PPM) rate before your first date to avoid any unwanted surprises for both parties. After agreeing to a coffee or cocktail date, consider the topic of payment delicately to avoid deterring the sugar daddy from meeting you. Here are a few suggestions for broaching the subject:

  • I don’t want anything to interfere with our first date.
  • Can we address the financial aspect before we meet? As a beginner in this, how do you typically handle the payment for first dates with sugar babies?
  • Is it okay if we sort out the payment beforehand, or would you prefer to do so during our date?

Feel free to use these phrases, but we’re confident you’ll come up with even more personalized ideas that fit your conversation with a sugar daddy.

How to Request Financial Support From a Sugar Daddy During the First Date?

Not every first date results in a long-term traditional or sugar relationship. But once you get past the initial impression and compare each other to your profile photos on the dating site, the conversation about money becomes inevitable. To make it more comfortable and less awkward, consider these tips:

  • Learn More About Each Other. Avoid starting the conversation focusing on the allowance or the amount of money you hope to receive. Instead, approach it like a typical first date, with some slight variations.
  • Discuss What He Hopes to Achieve in the Sugar Relationship. Sugar daddies new to the scene may feel uneasy about discussing their wants, so you may need to steer the conversation. On the other hand, seasoned sugar daddies may be more direct.
  • Outline What You Are Willing to Provide. This includes physical intimacy and other elements of the sugar relationship that you may prefer to avoid, such as travel or visiting specific locations, etc.
  • Go Over Your Financial Expectations. Once you understand your sugar daddy better, you can communicate your financial expectations and discuss how he can support you. You can also indicate whether you prefer money or are open to receiving gifts and experiences, but it is crucial to state what type of gifts you are referring to clearly.
  • Negotiate the Terms. If there’s a mutual connection and your requirements align, work out the details, such as the amount of money, methods for receiving additional funds, the frequency of dates per week or month, exclusivity, physical intimacy, etc.

During your conversation, aim to keep the sugar daddy talking and avoid delving too deeply into your previous arrangements. Most men do not like being compared to others, especially on a first date.

What Is an Appropriate Amount to Request From My Sugar Daddy?

Many generous sugar daddies are willing to spend between $10,000 to $15,000 per month on their sugar baby; however, the typical monthly allowance usually falls between $1,500 to $3,000, based on the frequency of dates, location, and the sugar daddy’s preferences. Pay-per-meet arrangements can vary from $300 to $1,800. To determine a reasonable allowance amount and make reasonable requests, use these tactics:

Familiarize yourself with your sugar daddy and his financial standing. It may not be reasonable to expect a large amount from someone earning $100K annually. Inquire about his previous arrangements to gain insight into what he has previously provided for sugar babies and what he expects from them. Discuss with your sugar daddy the amount he is comfortable with to help establish your financial needs. He may provide you with a range or upper limit.

Many sugar babies enter the sugar dating scene with overly high expectations and view it as a primary source of income, leading to disappointment. Instead, it is advised to keep your financial expectations realistic and approach sugar dating as a fun experience with financial perks rather than a full-time job.

How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Buy You Things?

The best approach for you and your sugar daddy will vary depending on your relationship. Some sugar daddies may prefer hints and subtlety rather than directness, but if that does not work, a proven algorithm is available for success:

Begin with a question such as, “Hey, daddy, do you have a minute for me?” This sets the stage for your request. Compliment your sugar daddy by mentioning how much fun you had during your last date, how much he impacted your life, or how excited you are for your next meeting. Make your request by starting with “And I would love it if you…” and avoid using “but” in your request. Provide reasoning behind your request, explaining why it is necessary or why you cannot afford it. End the conversation with a question, such as “Could you, please take care of that for me?” This will make it a conversation instead of a demand for money, increasing the likelihood of obtaining what you want.

The financial exchange is a crucial component of sugar relationships, making it acceptable to discuss financial needs and arrangement details before your first date. By following our advice, being honest, and approaching the conversation delicately and subtly, you can successfully secure what you want from your sugar daddy.

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