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Sugar dating (different from traditional dating) has found many takers lately and the popularity of the relationship pattern is growing. Secret Benefits is one of the most popular and reputable platforms for sugar dating and has more than 20 million visitors every month. The dating platform and the beautifully designed website claims to have a fresh take on sugar daddy-sugar baby dating and are meant for wealthy individuals who are looking for love and companionship in a hassle-free way.

What is Secret Benefits Website and Online Sugaring/Dating Platform

Secret Benefits is one of the leading platforms for sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships. The reputable platform has acquired 4.4 stars on validation platforms including Trustpilot. The subscriber and visitor base of the website Secret Benefits is based in Canada, the UK, and the USA. However, it also connects people in other parts of the world. The website is dominated by women and has a 60:40 female-to-male ratio.

Trustworthiness is important for any platform related to dating and relationships. Secret Benefits is a trustworthy platform and one of the top sugar dating websites catering to the love and companion needs of millions. Men and women of all ages can find their sugar counterparts and arrangement here and indulge in open relationships. While the sugar daddies have to pay for using any of the advanced features of the website (like messaging), it is free for women and sugar babies.

Secret Benefits Advantages

Some of the exclusive privileges and advantages of Secret Benefits for the sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship are listed below.

  • A beautiful, attractive, and easy-to-navigate website that has multiple user-friendly features and a layout.
  • A free sign-up for any kind of account including the “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby” account.
  • Only a one-time payment is required for unlocking all kinds of conversations.
  • The members and subscribers of Secret Benefits can have their secret albums and can store their private photos digitally.
  • Affordable costs for even the premium subscribtions and membership plans.
  • Older people can get into worthwhile relationships without losing their peace of mind over any drama.
  • Women can choose to become sugar babies easily and obtain financial support from sugar daddies/older men.
  • Men and women can indulge in mature relationships when they are in consensus, regardless of their age.

Secret Benefits Disadvantages

Secret Benefits has evolved over the past few years to introduce many user-friendly changes and upgrades. However, there are still certain disadvantages associated with the platform, which are listed below.

  • There is no free trial option available for the paid features.
  • When compared to other dating and sugar relationship websites, Secret Benefits has lesser communication modes.
  • While the website is mobile responsive, Sugar Benefits does not have an Android or iOS app yet.

Creating an Account on Secret Benefits

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Any account holder of Secret Benefits must undergo a verification process. They can indulge in conversations and relationships with no strings attached once the profile is verified. The free sign-up web page and button are available on the homepage of the website itself.

Anybody can join Secret Benefits by entering basic details including name, gender, and age, among other details. Those who want to create an account must also fill out a questionnaire that has optional questions. It is always better that you provide all the answers so that you have a detailed profile and can find a more suitable match. The entire process of account and profile creation on Secret Benefits does not take more than 10 minutes. Below are some tips that will help you create an interactive profile and account on Secret Benefits.

  • Answer the maximum number of questions so that those interested may find your profile easily.
  • You should get your profile verified as it will be a reassurance for the other members.
  • You should create a good heading for your profile, as it is the first information about your profile that anyone would see.

Cost of Secret Benefits Membership

While sugar babies do not have to spend anything for having an account on Secret Benefits, sugar daddies may have to pay for certain features. Below are the details of the price packages for the Secret Benefits membership.

  • Introductory package: 100 credits for a value of $ 59.
  • Elite packet: 500 credits for a value of $ 169.
  • Best value package: 1000 credits for $ 289.

The older men and the sugar daddies can purchase any of the packages listed above and get access to all the premium features of Secret Benefits. Even the basic introductory package may last easily for two or three months.

The Premium/Paid Features of Secret Benefits

Many of the features of Secret Benefits are free. These features include profile creation, verification, adding pictures to the profile, hiding the profile, liking profiles, browsing other profiles, and looking at photos on the profiles, among others. The free account members also get access to member support services, which are available 24/7. However, there are also certain paid features that you can buy for the credits. Some of these important paid features of Secret Benefits are listed below.

  • Secret browsing: a “sugar daddy” account can be hidden for 24 hours for 10 credits.
  • Messages: the messages of a sugar baby can be unlocked for 10 credits.
  • Photo exchange: a message can include a photo for 10 credits.
  • Browsing secret albums: while a request can be sent free, private photos can be viewed at 10 credits.

The cost of conversations is much higher on the other sugar dating and relationship platforms. Members may be charged based per minute of conversation and chat, or for each message that they send now or receive. However, Secret Benefits is much more affordable for sugar daddies.


Secret Benefits offers an extensive list of features at a low price. It also has thousands of profiles for sugar babies and easy search options that can help the sugar daddies find out their best match and a person of their liking and interest. Matches, secret albums, and other unique features make Secret Benefits one of the best and most user-friendly relationship platforms available. The best sugar dating platform is also well optimized for use on smartphones and is a one-stop destination for all your sugar dating needs economically.

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