SugarDaddie Review – How It Works for Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies


Sugar dating websites have gained a lot of popularity in the past years and decades due to the greater societal acceptance of sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships. A sugar dating relationship is a variation of traditional dating relationships. In sugar dating, an older individual may form a relationship with a younger one. These relationships are usually formed between older wealthy men (sugar daddies) and younger women (sugar babies). The relationship not only helps the older individuals fulfill their love and companionship needs, but also provides sugar babies with monetary means to fulfill their own needs and desires.

Due to the nature of relationships (which involves payments and the money given by the sugar daddies to sugar babies), individuals must create their profiles and search for a sugar dating partner on reliable and trustworthy web platforms. SugarDaddie ( is one of the oldest and most reliable sugar dating platforms with millions of visits every month and a humongous membership/user base.

Know More About SugarDaddie

With both than 5 million user profiles and members, SugarDaddie can be one of the best sugar dating websites to find a suitable match quickly. Operational since 2002, the website has gained positive reviews and a reputation and is now being trusted by members and people in the USA and UK immensely. Successful worldly men and attractive single women can enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle by connecting on SugarDaddie.

Pros or Advantages of SugarDaddie

Being one of the oldest websites for sugar dating, SugarDaddie has to offer many distinct advantages that much of the competition cannot. Below are some of the essential and exclusive advantages of this sugar baby and sugar daddy website.

  • Positive reviews on the world’s leading and reputable news and media agencies like Daily Mail, BBC, The Sun, CNN, and Fox.
  • Millions of profiles make it easy to find a perfect match.
  • The majority of members are satisfied with the upscale relationship that they established with SugarDaddie.
  • Dedicated and 24/7 customer service support is available for resolving any issues and queries of the customer. The company has UK (Kent) and USA (Florida) offices.
  • Anybody can join SugarDaddie at no cost, in only a few minutes.
  • Procedures for profile verifications have been established to ensure that people can access trustworthy profiles.
  • A mobile responsive website that can be used easily on any smartphone or tablet.
  • One of the best online sugar dating platforms for men (between the ages of 38 to 46 years) and women (between the ages of 18 to 26 years).
  • The male-to-female ratio of 53:47 improves the chances of having a good match.
  • With more than 108 thousand user visits every month, the website always has a substantial number of new profiles for all members.

Cons or Disadvantages of SugarDaddie

While SugarDaddie offers many exclusive and unique benefits to its members, it also has certain cons and disadvantages.

  • There is no Android or iOS application available for SugarDaddie.
  • The website is available to those living in UK and USA only as of now.

How to Create a Profile/Account on SugarDaddie

As stated, there is no fee required for joining SugarDaddie. The registration process does not take more than 5 minutes and no prior Facebook account or phone numbers are required.

The Sugar Daddie registration and account opening process is quite simple. You will have to provide basic personal information about yourself and a valid email. An activation link will be sent to your email by the website. Once the email is verified the user will have to answer more questions related to their income, hobbies, preferences, and other attributes. Note that only the questions of “initial registration” are compulsory to answer, and many others are optional. Therefore, you need not answer all the questions and spend a great amount of time opening your profile on SugarDaddie.

You can have an attractive SugarDaddie profile by adding quality photographs of yourself (3 at least). Also, include a brief description and a catchy headline to ensure that other users can notice you quickly.

Features of Free Membership on SugarDaddie

Below are the features of SugarDaddie for which you do not have to pay anything or buy a membership plan.

  • Obtaining support from customer service representatives.
  • Uploading photos or making other updates to the profile.
  • Using the search features of the website to find the matches.
  • Read the messages and posts sent by other users.

Features of Paid Membership on SugarDaddie

While a one-month subscription plan of SugarDaddie costs $ 44.99, all new members can buy it at a discounted price of $ 22.49 for the initial month. Below is the list of key features that users get access to when they buy a subscription and membership plan on SugarDaddie.

  • More communication options in the form of mail, instant chat, and forum posts.
  • Making comments on the post in a forum.
  • Sending messages to other users and profiles on the website.

Apart from the one-month plan, there are also other membership plans available on SugarDaddie.

  • The 3-month plan costs $ 19.99.for each month
  • The 6-month plan costs $ 18.33 each month.
  • The 12-month plan costs $ 14.16 each month.

Therefore, membership in SugarDaddie is more affordable when you purchase it for a longer duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make online payments on SugarDaddie safely?

SugarDaddie deploys the latest technology (including the PCI: DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) encryption and technology to ensure that you can make online payments without any threat. All kinds of credit cards including Visa, Discover, and MasterCard can be used on the website safely for buying credits.

What will be the cost of membership on SugarDaddie?

You must pay $ 44.99 for a premium one-month membership subscription to SugarDaddie. However, the dating platform offers a discount of 50% on the first purchase. So, the total cost will be $ 22.49 for the first month.


SugarDaddie is one of the trustworthy and safe sugar dating platforms where men and women can form lasting relationships and search for matches safely. The website has millions of visitors and a suitable male-female ratio to ensure that most users can fulfill their love and companionship (and financial) requirements easily. It is still some time until we have a mobile app for the website. However, SugarDaddie has an immensely easy-to-navigate user interface and mobile responsiveness to ensure a good user experience on even mobile devices.

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