Sugar Daddy Review – Is It the Best Sugar Baby Website?

Sugar dating platforms and websites have been quite popular lately. The sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is where older individuals may seek and find love and companionship in young adults. Most often, these relationships are formed between older wealthy individuals and young girls and women. While there are many sugar dating web platforms available, SugarDaddy ( is one of the most reputable and popular websites for sugar dating. More than 600 thousand people visit this website every month and the majority of them are from the United States. However, its members are distributed across multiple countries including Australia, Canada, and UK apart from the USA.

The Pros or Advantages of SugarDaddy

SugarDaddy is a trusted web platform where sugar daddies and sugar babies can indulge in mutually beneficial and even long-term relationships. Whether you are single and looking for a short-term relationship or a benefactor who seeks love and companionship for the long term, SugarDaddy can fulfill all your needs. Some of the pros or exclusive advantages offered by SugarDaddy are listed below.

  • There are only negligible fake profiles on the website if any. The website and dating platform have an account verification process and require multiple profile photos before anybody can create an account.
  • The majority of the sugar babies are verified.
  • The platform is also economical as it does not require the sugar daddies or sugar babies to pay any money for all the messages they send, through economic packs.
  • The web platform for sugar dating is trustworthy for wealthy men and other individuals, especially those who live in the USA.
  • SugarDaddy is also a beneficial platform for college students and younger adults who are looking for benefactors.

The Cons or Disadvantages of SugarDaddy

While SugarDaddy has many distinctive and exclusive advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages.

  • Till now there is no mobile application available for SugarDaddy on iOS/Apple iTunes store or Android Play Store.
  • The platform has more women than wealthy men.
  • Even the premium membership and subscription plan of SugarDaddy does not provide perks like unlimited messaging.
  • The sugar baby website SugarDaddy is only available for those living in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Pricing Structure for the Membership Plan of SugarDaddy

Many of the features of the sugar dating website and platform SugarDaddy are free of cost. You do not need to pay anything for creating a profile on a sugar dating website. You can also search for other profiles and can add them to your favorites. You can watch videos, view public photos, and also ask for support.

However, many more features of SugarDaddy can be unlocked by subscribing to the paid membership plan and by buying the credits. The paid features include:

  • Prioritization in Searches: your profile will appear above the others if you are a paid member of SugarDaddy. It will help you get more messages from the sugar babies active on the website.
  • Priority Issue Resolution: the customer service representatives may respond to the query of the paid members and resolve their issues in a much lesser time when compared to those with free profiles. In most cases, the issues are resolved within 30 minutes.
  • Sending Messages: you can send messages to the sugar babies through a paid membership.

Below is the pricing structure for buying the credits.

  • $59: 100 credits
  • $169: 500 credits
  • $289: 1000 credits

Steps for Creating Your Profile on SugarDaddy

It is easy to create an account on the website SugarDaddy in only a few minutes. The registration form can be filled out on the website itself, and the button for it is given on the home page. Below are the details that you will have to enter in the online form.

  • Email address.
  • Country and zip code (which helps the website show the right matches to you).
  • Personal details (including marital status, body type, ethnicity, and income).
  • 6 photos for your profile.
  • A description of the partner you are interested in (along with a self-description).
  • An account can be verified by adding a video that shows you saying a phrase as prompted by the website.
  • Members can also add profile videos.

Finding a Match on SugarDaddy

SugarDaddy is an easy-to-navigate website with many user-friendly features. While the feature list is not extensive, you can easily find your match on the website. The absence of unnecessary links or icons reduces the clutter as well and improves user experience. Below is how you can find a match on SugarDaddy.

Search: once you have created your profile on SugarDaddy, you will find the search button within the main menu. You only need to click on the button and subsequently will reach the page with all the profiles on sugar babies. You can filter your search based on aspects such as location. Filters are also available for other aspects including gender, ethnicity, age, height, tattoos, piercings, and smoking, among others.

Profiles: you can also browse through the profiles of sugar daddies or sugar babies and send a message to any person you like. You will find that most of the profiles (including those of sugar babies) are verified and you should browse through these profiles only. The profile page of a user and sugar baby will give you information including profile photos and videos, username, location, wants, and attributes, among others.

Messaging: you can reach out to a sugar baby or sugar daddy by messaging. The message icon will be displayed next to the search results and the profiles. Any messages sent to you can be found in your inbox. You can have a more direct conversation with any other user and member on SugarDaddy (including sugar babies0 to find out their needs and wants and what they are looking for.


SugarDaddy has a huge membership base. Therefore, it is a high probability that you can find your match. It also has a convenient communication interface and easy navigation features. However, it is a platform for a mutually beneficial relationship and requires payments for it. If you are SugarDaddy looking for a sugar baby in your area, you can pay the right amount and find the right match for love and companionship.

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