Whats Your Price Review – How It Works as a Sugar Baby Website

whats your price

Whats Your Price is a well-known sugar dating platform, but some are hesitant to use it due to concerns about its security and reliability. To address these concerns, we decided to personally sign up, purchase a premium membership, and experience everything the site offers. This is our comprehensive review of Whats Your Price.

Let’s start with a quick review of Whats Your Price list to help determine if it’s worth your time and consideration.

For Whom Is This Online Dating Platform Intended

  • Sugar babies seeking a sponsor.
  • Wealthy men willing to pay for relationships.
  • Those who prefer to meet new partners through online dating sites.

Things We Liked

  • User-friendly interface
  • The quick registration process takes only 5 minutes.
  • User-friendly messenger feature.
  • An attractive member selection is excellent.
  • Helpful search features for finding the most compatible partners.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The site is not completely free of scammers.
  • Limited to messaging as the sole means of communication.
  • Compared to other dating sites, it’s relatively expensive.

What’s Your Price Account

whats your price members

Whats Your Price is a well-known sugar daddy site connecting older men with attractive and young women. With a strong reputation, various interesting features, and a lively community of 1.1 million active users, it has much to offer. This review will delve deeper into the platform and discuss creating a Whats Your Price account.

Like other dating sites, registering on Whats Your Price was straightforward and quick, taking us only about 15 minutes. The signup form on the homepage was simple to fill out, and after verifying our profile, we had immediate access to all features. We then added a bio and photos to enhance our profile’s appeal to other members. The registration process involves the following steps:

  • Signup
  • Email confirmation
  • Add bio photos and info

You are not required to complete all fields in the bio part, so if you prefer to spend less time on it, you can proceed directly to browsing attractive ladies after entering basic information.

Steps for Creating a Robust Account on Whats Your Price.

  • Add bio info. Make sure you add data about yourself; your interests and hobbies will expedite finding your ideal partner, so include it.
  • Choose Good Photos. A high-quality profile picture is crucial to success, so set up photos that showcase your attractive lifestyle.
  • Message other users. Do not hesitate to initiate contact with members you are interested in, as this is the key to finding a partner.


Pricing is a common area of curiosity for many users, so we examined both premium free and features on Whats Your Price to determine their value. Let’s review the pricing options for Whats Your Price dating site:

  • £50 for 100 credits;
  • £150 for 500 credits;
  • £250 for 1K credits;

Whats Your Price Free Features

  • Sign up. Signing up on Whats Your Price is free and quick, a benefit that is likely welcome news for many users.
  • Search feature. Finding potential matches on this excellent website is straightforward and quick. Set your criteria and search for the most compatible lady partners for you.
  • Favorites. To keep track of the profiles you’re interested in, you then add them to your easy and favorites access them when you’re ready to connect.
  • Browsing the profiles. Examining other users’ profiles is helpful for those who want to get to know someone before utilizing the messaging feature.

Premium Membership

Premium membership on Whats Your Price offers additional benefits but at a higher cost. While this dating site is not the cheapest option, its pricing is comparable to similar services like Secret Benefits. Let’s explore the benefits of a premium subscription.

  • You are making offers. When you are interested in a female member, you can reach out to her or even plan a date by proposing a bid. You set the amount for the offer, and if the girl declines your proposal, you will receive a refund.
  • Messaging. Communication on Whats Your Price is only accessible to premium members, like most sugar dating sites, but the messenger feature is user-friendly and operates efficiently.
  • 24/4 support team. The premium subscribers of the sugar dating site can benefit from its excellent customer support service. If you encounter fake profiles or unpleasant individuals, reach out to the customer support team, who will help resolve any issues.

The cost of this online dating platform is not the lowest, but its services are of good value. It is most suited for members willing to invest in their relationships.


The search function on Whats Your Price is effective. We found it easy to navigate and set search for a potential sugar baby. The site lets you specify your partner’s location, relationship preferences, height, age, habits, body type, and education, which helps you find the best match. We also had the option to browse profiles in the search section but preferred using the filters. The results were impressive – we found 23 profiles that met our criteria. Overall, the search is user-friendly. The only drawback is the large size of the profile pics, which makes viewing the search results inconvenient.


While many profiles on this dating site are verified, they need more detail. Upon opening a profile, you’ll find basic information such as name, age, location, income, body type, occupation, smoking and drinking habits, education, and a few pictures. To view private photos, you must make a bid, and if the girl accepts, you’ll gain access. We made an offer and were granted access, but it cost us $30. It was worth it, but carefully choose the right profile before investing.


Communicating with sugar ladies on this platform takes a lot of work. To send messages to the ladies we liked, we had to bid on them, which proved costly. For instance, only one lady accepted our bid after we doubled the amount, we ended up paying $50, but it was worth it. The girls on the site are friendly, and we enjoyed talking to them. One of our employees even plans a date with a girl they met on the platform.

In conclusion, the platform is user-friendly, even for inexperienced users. It offers many interesting features and services, ensuring a great experience. Therefore, trying out Whats Your Price is highly recommended.

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